He is top-notch – available whenever you need him, constantly working as your advocate to make the sale. He knows his market inside and out. He knows where it’s been, and where it’s headed and will help you make the most informed decision about buying and selling your home. This is the second time we’ve had the opportunity to buy a home with Rich and we can’t speak highly enough about the experience. It was a very tough negotiation that started with Rich saying, “You never know if you don’t try.” We never imagined it would happen but Rich was able to put together an incredible deal for us. In listing our home, he has provided extensive research about its value, has supported us with guidance on properly staging the home and we are confident there is no one better to have on our side. In a sea of options for real estate agents, Rich Rippetoe stands out as one of the best.

Heather Mariscal